“I choose to stop at AMBEST because of the quality service that they offer us. They have great support and a very clean facility. ”

“It’s more personal – the employees are nicer and you can count on service being better.”


“The cleanliness is one of the main factors. The people – they’re great, friendly! They take drivers into consideration in just about everything they do.”



“Most of what I like about AMBEST is that everything they have is convenient. They always have clean showers. Everything I’m looking for, they have!”

Will - Flagstaff, AZ


“It’s like a family business. It’s nice, comfortable, pleasant and clean.”

Thomas - Atmore, AL

“The hospitality is great! The people inside, they treat you very nice – you don’t find that at every truck stop.”

“The place is clean. The people are nice. The food is good. It’s not a fast food meal – you get real home cooking here. It’s a good place to stop!”


“They wait on you quick and they are always pleasant.”


“Great location, clean showers, great food, and prices are reasonable. We stop here every week!”


“We started out with one truck and AMBEST had offered us a fuel card which gave us many locations to fuel from.”

“AMBUCK$ is a card that you get and every time you fuel up, you get a certain percentage. Sometimes they have deals where it’s double. You can go in and buy stuff with it. It’s almost like free money!”


“AMBUCK$ are good for taking hot showers. They provide it at no cost to the driver when we come in and use our AMBUCK$.”

Byron - Lake City, FL


“You can use the cards at any AMBEST you go to. It’s a great program. It shows the drivers that they are appreciated!”

Gerald - Black Mesa, NM


“My drivers wouldn’t want to fuel anywhere else that they couldn’t use the AMBUCK$ card.”

“They are all over – you just have to look for them here or there but they are a well-recognized company.”


“I would plan my ride to get by an AMBEST location on any trip!”

Daniel - Gary, IN

“I just look for AMBEST. That’s where I come to get a discount on fuel. They work with our company on that and anybody who works with your company on getting discounts, why not stop!”

“Even if it’s a few extra miles, it’s always better to push to get there because you know you have a nice, clean, friendly place to stop.”


We would love for you to be a part of the AMBEST Network! AMBEST is a Member-owned sales, marketing and purchasing organization comprised of some of the finest independently-owned and operated truck stops and service centers nationwide. Our mission is to drive profitability for the long-term viability of our Members.

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AMBEST Fuel Card

Make your gallons count! AMBEST is proud to offer the AMBEST Fleet Card, a joint venture with EFS, an industry leader in third-party billing. Unlike any other fleet card on the market, this tool has some outstanding features that will help fleets of all sizes control expenditures and make informed buying decisions.

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Rewards Program

AMBUCK$ is the longest continuously running Professional Driver Rewards Program! Earn points - worth a penny a gallon - simply by swiping your AMBUCK$ card when making a diesel purchase at any of the AMBEST locations nationwide. We have issued BILLIONS of AMBUCK$ points to drivers, and we’ve given away MILLIONS of points, cash and other prizes as well!

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With locations all across the US, you can be sure to find a stop along your route! AMBEST locations are family owned businesses - ready to take care of you anyway they can. Regardless of where you stop at AMBEST, you can rely on a friendly face, clean facilities and terrific values on the things you need most.

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