DOT Inspection Certification

In 2006, the AMBEST Board of Directors implemented a strategic initiative to insure that every AMBEST Service Center shop has qualified DOT Inspection experts on site. To date, over 250 AMBEST Service Center professionals have completed one of the most comprehensive DOT Inspection Training available. Professional drivers can rest assured that a vehicle inspected at an AMBEST Service Center has been thoroughly reviewed in accordance with DOT regulations.

AMBEST is recognized by TMC and CVSA as being a leader in the industry with our DOT training program. AMBEST offers this training to the industry to help insure compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Training consist of the following: comprehensive review of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, FMCSR's, covering Parts and Appendices as found in 49 CFR, Subtitle B, Chapter 3, Subchapter B, Parts 382, 390, 391, 392, 393, 396 and Appendix G of this title. This course will also review DOT roadside inspection criteria as well as making comparisons to Appendix G inspections for complete understanding of the difference in these two inspections.

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